“Old Mud” Mineral Rock Organic 50g


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“Old Mud” Mineral Rock Organic 50g


Natural Mineral Rocks is a rare natural mineral found only in Japan. Some people call it “Old Mud Rock”  Its a 100% organic and safe to use in your shrimp or fish tank

It releases mineral gradually and improves water quality, as  well as encourages activation and growth of bacteria in the water. It  reduces stress on livestock and encourages proper molting and breeding.

It also improves photosynthesis, semiconductor action, mildly increases  GH/PH and ion exchange ratio.

Use by Japanese Shrimp Breeders

Due to its variety of positive properties it is in Japanese shrimp breeders and plant hobbyists very popular, especially with the use of soil-ground, as it significantly improves the important microbiology (bacteria, accompanying fauna). During the run-in phase of the aquarium use it as a mineral supplement and water conditioner used from the outset,thus promoting the development of important microorganisms in the filter and substrate. In a constant mineral output, the mineral supply of the inhabitants and useful aid in the aquarium safe.

Natural Mineral rocks also affects pH-stabilizing and thus preventing against dangerous drop in pH.

It supports the general hardness (gH), improved water quality, the ion exchange capacity, the growth of plants and their root growth, photosynthesis and the release of oxygen.

It adsorbs pollutants, ensures crystal clear water and removes unpleasant odors.  The mineral stones find their place in the aquarium and serve as a mineral deposit,

which is accessible to all residents at all times. Alternatively place in the filter tank, or directly in the external filter.

Tip : the outer layer of loose stones will come off in the water. Here you can make good use of the stone in his hand under the water to distribute peelings powder in the basin to increase the positive effect. You do not want this, the stone can only briefly rinse under running water.

Suitable for use

Crystal Red Shrimps , Dwarf Shrimps , Freshwater Fishes & Crayfishes


Add 50 grams of Natural Mineral rock , either crushed or in its current state for a 7 gallon / 30 litre tank .

Weight 50g

Product of Japan 

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