Indian Almond leaves (organic)



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Indian Almond leaves (organic)

Indian Almond Leaves,Ketapang or Terminalia catappa leaves are known to most, if not all Asian breeders of blackwater tropical fishes, to be one of the best water conditioners to promote healing and breeding.

They are known to have anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties. Bettas are known to be induced to spawn by just putting a few of the leaves into their tank. Fish suffering finrot or injuries (such as spawning injuries) will definitely benefit from having the leaves in their quarantine tank. They can be used for the usual aquariums too.


Should you require faster absorption , we have the ones which have already been “torn” for quicker tannin release here


Dried Catappa Almond leaves Indian shrimp which is very good with shrimps, tropical aquarium fish, catfish ,bettas, Tetra , etc.

My product is made-to-order prepared in 5-7 days before sold them and non toxic or insecticide, so you can be confident in our product.

Catappa Leaves (Indian Almond Leaves,Ketapang leaves) is known for Shrimp breeders that has many benefits for Shrimps


Benefits of Catappa Leaves for Shrimps/Fishes

Relieves stress of shrimp/fishes

Creates natural water environment for shrimp .

Enhances color of shrimp.

Tannins and Acids that have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties .

Stimulates breeding in shrimps .

To ensure quality , all our  leaves are nature felled , washed by hand and then sun dried without using an chemical or preservatives .

Every leaves ready to use with your lovely shrimps or fishes


How to use Catappa Leaves for your shrimp / fish tank

For shrimp owners that like water to be yellow or light brown color ;

Rinse under clean water, and then add to tank , after some time the water will turn a slight brownish , tannish color

For shrimp owners that do not like tannin stained water

lease boil them 30-60 minutes, After that put them in your shrimp/fish tank, They will not make water become yellow

or brown colour, and they will sink to the bottom so fast, Shrimp can eat them easily.

Removing the leaves after the shrimp come and feed on the leaves is not necessary as later the leaf

will rot and provide a good grazing grounds for the shrimps where they will find micro nutrients in it.


100% Natural Product 

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