Bamboo Charcoal Shelter for Aquatic Use


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Bamboo Charcoal Shelter for Aquatic Use

Bamboo Charcoal Shelter Improves minerals deodorizes water and provides a hiding place for aquatic animals.

Length  100mm Diameter: range from  25-35mm , mostly are around 4 mm . we cannot guarantee a standard size as these are Natural products .Our Bamboo Shrimp Shelter  is made of natural bamboo (heated to over 1,000 degrees to become high grade activated carbon) and is suitable for shrimps, plecos, small fishes and Crayfishes.


Improves water quality over long period of time . Absorbs harmful toxins, chemicals (including chlorine and chlorides) in water that could be harmful to shrimps . Smooth surface can acts as breeding grounds for fishes .

Bamboo Charcoal Shelter is a natural hiding place for livestock . Plants like mosses can be tied for a more natural look. A perfect breeding & hiding  place for shrimps, crayfishes , catfish , corydoras and pleco and other bottom dwelling fishes .

Charcoal poles will float in water. You must keep it completely submerged for a week, then it will be completely soaked and will sink. You can tie it down with something heavy for it to sink.


Quantity : 2 x Natural Bamboo Charcoal Shelters  

Product of Thailand

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