Nano Marimo Moss Balls 10mm



Authentic Marimo Moss Balls from Japan. 10mm in size

These are real living plants , please treat them with care and love.

Sold in batches of 10/20/30/60 pieces

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These are the larger version of the Nano Marimo Moss Balls (10mm)

They are a great grazing ground for dwarf shrimps as these moss balls filter the water and debris and shrimps love to pick food from these moss balls .

Marimo Moss balls are also the perfect gift for loved ones and friends as Marimos represent good luck and love to the receiver .


Marimo can grow in de-chlorinated water(bottled, filtered water) at room temperature as long as the water is changed every 2 weeks(more frequently in summer and less often in winter).

Normal household lighting and indirect sunlight is good, since  marimo is adapted for low light conditions only. If the marimo green color turns brownish, it may recover without intervention, otherwise a very minimal amount of aquarium salt can be added as a suggested remedy. Slightly squeeze the marimo in clean water weekly.

How to check if a marimo moss ball is healthy ?  It should be a lush dark green color , not yellowish . If it is brownish its very likely that the plant is dying or dead. However Marimo Moss balls are very hardy plants , they prefer cool water and thrive well in water which is below 25 degrees Celsius.

Dwarf Shrimp Keepers like to keep Marimo Moss Balls in tanks with shrimps as they provide a great grazing ground for Shrimps . Marimo Moss Balls also help to keep the water column clean by “sucking” dirt and debris & absorb harmful nitrates.


Product of Japan

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10 Moss Balls, 20 Moss Balls, 30 Moss Balls, 60 Moss Balls


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