Live Fairy Shrimp Eggs+Hatching Kit



Live Fairy Shrimp Eggs & Hatching Tool Kit Full Package includes:
Fairy Shrimp Eggs (1-8 capsules choose option)
Fairy Shrimp Food (1 packet)
Filter bag (1 piece)
Micro dropper (2 pieces)
Micro spoon (1 piece)

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Live Fairy Shrimp Eggs & Hatching Tool Kit

Our Fairy Shrimp Eggs come in 10,000 and 30,000 eggs
and a great sterile source of protein for fish fry and fishes alike.

To feed them to fish fries , hatch and feed them to your fries within 24-48 hours.
For larger fishes you may want to rear them till they are suitable size for your fishes.

We also carry Moina Macrocopa Eggs 

Fairy Shrimp are an excellent source of protein for fishes. Fairy shrimps have protein contents up to 65% that helps your fish to grow fast.

The presence of carotenoids increase the intensity of colors in fish naturally, and make them more tough and resistant to diseases.

high energy content & optimal nutritional value offers the advantages of fairy shrimp as live feed in freshwater aquaculture.

High in carbohydrates. fairy shrimp also contain Carbohydrate higher than other types of food. Hence providing more energy without fillers
Fish love live foods as a treat every now and then .

100% Sterilized by means of high intensity infra-red laser with a frequency enough to kill all bacteria & viruses while leaving the eggs completely unharmed. Suitable food for fish fries and fishes alike.

Should you need them in large quantities , get them here

Very Important!
Please Take Note :
These creatures need a constant temperature of
: 86 – 94 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch.


Instructions for hatching the Fairy Shrimp will be sent via email
Feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes.

Please understand this is a 100% natural bio-product.
We do not guarantee 100% hatch rates but we have tried and managed to get success rate of up to 85 -90%. The hatch rates depends on the water used (we use de-chlorinated water from the tap)

Product of Thailand

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10,000eggs+Tool Kit, 20,000eggs+Tool Kit, 30,000eggs+Tool Kit, 60,000eggs+Tool Kit, 90,000eggs+Tool Kit, 120,000eggs+Tool Kit, 240,000eggs+Tool Kit


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