“Golden” Dried Daphnia Fish food for Tropical fish 15g


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“Golden” Dried Daphnia Fish Food for Tropical fish 15g

Dried Daphnia Fish Food : Made from live daphnia grounded into Nano granule form; sterilized to kill all bacteria & any viruses
Very High Protein Diet Protein for all tropical freshwater fishes
Special Natural Colour Enchancer Added
Never Clouds The Water & Easily Digested

This Nano Granule is an excellent food source for miniature fishes like tetras , killifishes , bettas, goldfishes , cat fishes etc. We even feed this to our shrimps and the shrimp babies which they will feed on the food sunken to the bottom of the tank .Has an abundance of carotinoid pigment to brilliantly enhance the red yellow color in most aquatic animals. Made only using natural ingredients .

As the granules are grounded into tiny powdered form , its an excellent form of feed for small mouth breeds such as tetras, guppies and other mid size fishes . 100% sterile and nutritious for good growth and fish health .

Feeding Guide :
Feed as much Dried Daphnia Fish Food as fishes can consume within 5 minutes . If there are bottom feeders feed more then usual .Sinking food will be consumed by bottom feeders .

Recommendation : For a balanced diet , we feed our fishes Hikari Micro Pellets for small fishes like Neon Tetra , Sword-tails and other small species fishes.

Product of Thailand 

Net Weight : 15 grams


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