Crystal Red Shrimp Care Set

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Crystal Red Shrimp Care Set


CRS Shrimp Care set consists of :


1x packet Ebi Crystal Red Shrimp food 30grams

Ebi Crystal Red Shrimp food is made from the finest ingredients to provide growth and nutrition for your shrimps.
Contains all organic natural color enhancer for all dwarf shrimps sourcing only the finest ingredients from Taiwan.
Excellent source of amino acid , vitamins and minerals.
Contains : Fish meal ,Squid, spinach and other trace vitamins; minerals for growth, development and molting.
I feed these to my own crystal red shrimps and see a very good coloration after 4-6 weeks.
Usage: only feed the amount that shrimps can finish in 30-45mins . Feed no more than 3 times a day


1 x pack of Indian Almond Leaves (10 leaves)

Benefits of Catappa Leaves for Shrimps/Fishes
Relieves stress of shrimp/fishes
Creates natural water environment for shrimp .

Enhances color of shrimp.
Tannins and Acids that have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties .
Stimulates breeding in shrimps .

To ensure quality , all our leaves are nature felled , washed by hand and then sun dried without using an chemical or preservatives .
Every leaves ready to use with your lovely shrimps or fishes


6 x  Grey Bee Mineral Balls

Grey Bee Mineral Balls is a ceramic ball made of Bamboo Charcoal that slow releases anions and minerals. The negatively charged parameter creates refreshing natural environment that revitalizes metabolism and bacterium activities. It strengthens immune system of shrimp over time, as well as removes odor and impurities thus improving water quality. The Calcium based mineral also aid in molting, color and shell enhancement in shrimps and crustaceans .

The benefit it brings to shrimps:
Give better water quality by deionizing water Improve molting process. Slowly release anions and minerals .In addition, they serve as nutrient-rich food for baby shrimps Reduce organic waste in the water. Increase survival rate for shrimps


6 x  Red Bee Mineral Balls

1. Provide essential minerals for growth
2. Improve molting failure
3. Enhance survival rate of baby shrimps
4. Brighten body color


2  x Bamboo Charcoal Shelters (AquaSafe)

Bamboo charcoal improves water quality over long period of time . Absorbs harmful toxins, chemicals (including chlorine and chlorides) in water that could be harmful to shrimps . Smooth surface can acts as breeding grounds for fishes .

Bamboo Charcoal Shelter is a natural hiding place for livestock . Plants like mosses can be tied for a more natural look. A perfect breeding & hiding place for shrimps, crayfishes , catfish , corydoras and pleco and other bottom dwelling fishes .

Charcoal poles will float in water. You must keep it completely submerged for a week, then it will be completely soaked and will sink. You can tie it down with something heavy for it to sink.



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